Functions and Duties

The Faculty of Pharmacy has the following functions:

1. Develop programs, teaching and learning plans, and organize the training process for the Pharmacy program.

2. Organize science and technology activities that combine training with scientific research. Coordinate with pharmaceutical organizations such as the pharmacy operations department and private medical practice management department of the Health Service Dept; Pharmaceutical manufacturing company; Pharmaceutical and medical equipment trading company; Center for testing pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; hospital pharmacy Faculties. Connect the training process to production, commercial, and social life practices.

3. Manage lecturers, staff, and students of the Faculty;

4. Management of quality, content, training methods, and scientific research.

5. Organize and compile curriculum and subject textbooks assigned by the Dean of University. Organize research to improve teaching and learning methods. Propose the development of plans to supplement and maintain teaching and learning equipment, practices, internships, and scientific experiments.

6. Develop plans and organize the implementation of political, ideological, ethical, and lifestyle education for lecturers, officers, staff, and students. Organize training and fostering improve professional qualifications for lecturers and staff of the Faculty.

7. Manage and effectively use facilities and teaching equipment.