Functions and Duties


The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences (DRS) is a specialized unit under the University, directly guided by the President. The main function of DRS is to support the President in developing the department's training strategy aligned with the university's overall strategy; managing and overseeing the department's professional activities and its subordinate units.


a) Manage lecturers, staff, and students of the department according to the President's hierarchy; conduct evaluations, classifications, and propose rankings for officers and staff of the department as per university regulations.

b) Plan and organize educational activities in accordance with the university's general plan, including: developing and improving training programs in the field of rehabilitation sciences; organizing short-term training courses and participating in supporting the development of training programs for other units within the university (e.g., Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Midwifery); drafting detailed course outlines and organizing training program development in line with the university's development direction and Ministry of Education and Training regulations.

c) Plan and implement scientific research activities, apply new technologies in the field of rehabilitation sciences; collaborate with scientific, technological organizations, and relevant partners to enhance training quality.

d) Develop plans to enhance the faculty and infrastructure to support training and research, ensuring training quality.

e) Manage facilities, equipment in accordance with university regulations and laws.

g) Advise departments and the Executive Board in procurement activities, machinery repair, equipment, and facilities for training.

h) Develop plans, policies to connect and provide community services related to assigned functions and tasks.

i) Participate in organizational activities and perform other assigned duties by the university.

The Rehabilitation Department also collaborates with the Information Technology - Communication Center and Library to develop information channels, promote and advertise the field of study, and enhance the department's brand image.