Functions and tasks



The Faculty of Dentistry is an academic unit of the University, reporting directly to the Principal and University leaders of University. Its mission is to assist leaders in developing the Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences' training strategy in accordance with the University's overall strategic orientation, as well as to manage and administer the professional activities of the faculty and its affiliated departments.


a) Faculty members, staff, and students as assigned by the Principal, as well as evaluating and ranking officials and employees in accordance with university standards.

b To plan and organize the implementation of educational and training activities according to the school's general plan, including: building and improving the training program of the Medical Laboratory Technology major at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, short-term training courses, and participating and supporting the development and improvement of academic programs of other units in the school in which the Faculty involved (for example: Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing),

To organize the compilation of detailed outlines of relevant subjects to ensure consistency and reasonableness between subjects of the academic program or between training levels; to organize the development of education programs, projects, and documents and textbooks according to the school's development orientation;

To coordinate scientific efforts to enhance teaching and learning techniques; to design and execute ways to assess and evaluate students' learning and training results; to guarantee Program learning outcomes are consistent with public commitments; and to satisfy labor market demands. The Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training requires that educational programs, textbooks, and instructional materials be developed in accordance with its rules.

c) To plan and organize the implementation of science and technology activities, as well as international cooperation; to collaborate with science and technology organizations, production and business establishments related to academic field training; and to mobilize the participation of partners and businesses in the faculty training process.
d) To create a strategy to enhance lecturers, personnel, and facilities for academic and scientific accomplishments, while also enhancing circumstances to assure educational quality.
e)To develop plans and arrange the execution of political, ideological, ethical, and lifestyle education for lecturers, workers, and students; to prepare for the job of training and cultivating professional qualifications for lecturers and other department personnel. Manage, analyze, categorize, and suggest the categorization of faculty officials and staff in accordance with university requirements.

f) Manage allocated facilities and equipment (maintain, operate, and utilize machinery and equipment in accordance with University norms and the legislation).

g) To provide the best ideas for relevant administrative offices and the Board of Directors while planning to acquire and repair educational machinery, equipment, and facilities; to reply to requests for machinery and equipment preservation, operation, and maintenance.

h) Create strategies and procedures for connecting and providing community services linked to assigned roles and responsibilities.

Collaborate with the Center for Information Technology - Communications and Library to create information channels that will introduce and promote the specialist field, therefore strengthening the Faculty's brand.