Functions and duties


  • Building the trade union’s plans, action programs and work in accordance with the functions, tasks and principles of the Vietnam trade union charter, the instructions of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and the Vietnam Medical Union, as well as the operating regulations of the union in DUMTP.
  • Providing healthcare and protecting legal and legitimate rights for the trade union memebers; performing the trade union’s emulation, rewarding and financial work as well as developing trade union membership in accordance with the regulations of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor.
  • Performing propaganda work on the Party’s resolutions, the policy and laws of the government and the instructions on propaganda work of the superior unions.
  • Coordinating with the government in implementing grassroots democracy according to the regulations.
  • Implemeting the work of supervision and social criticism of the trade union in DUMTP in order to ensure that the Party’s resolutions and directives, the government’s laws, the DUMTP Party committee’s and the university’s regulations are followed strictly; participating in resolving employees’ complaints, denunciations and disputes in accordance with the government’s laws.