Development Strategy


Target until 2030

1. Regarding organizational structure, educational culture - university administration

Restructuring the University's structural system and organizational apparatus to meet the University 's mission, vision, and core values to suit a University of Medical and Pharmacy on the basis of the University 's development orientation in the direction of adapting ensure that there is a practice hospital and a biomedical research center at the University, a clinical skills practice center, a medical human resources training center according to social needs, and a learning and application center. information technology,... to ensure and increasingly improve training quality. By 2025, complete faculties, departments, rooms and centers according to approved operating regulations. Building the University's cultural identity, meeting the needs of staffs, students and society. Build a professional, modern management apparatus and effective operating methods.

2. About resources

2.1. Human

  Continue to complete the University's job placement project in accordance with the new stage of development according to the regulations on organization and operation based on the provisions of law and the implementation of University governance in the direction of current university governance. grand.

Increase the number and quality of highly qualified lecturers, ensuring 100% of lecturers have postgraduate qualifications, fully meeting the structure of standard training majors. Have a policy of prioritizing training and attracting PhDs and in-depth specialties for lacking majors. Streamline the administrative apparatus towards efficiency and effectiveness.

2.2. About facilities - educational ecosystem

Complete facilities 1 and 2 according to planning, with a school hospital. Consolidate and develop the University 's physical facilities - educational ecosystem, the physical conditions meet the requirements of teaching and teaching service, constantly enhance the physical facilities - ecosystem The University 's educational atmosphere best meets the teaching - learning and training activities of students.

2.3. Financial

Gradually prepare an autonomy plan, ensure sufficient financial resources to meet the University's development requirements and have savings for development investment, increase income for staff, and take care of spiritual life and benefits. encourage learners.

Increase the rate of budget balance at the end of the year gradually over the years, meeting the requirements for reinvestment in the school's development.

Diversify revenue sources, especially revenue sources from professional activities as prescribed by law other than tuition fees, reduce the proportion of revenue from tuition fees and training costs.

3. Regarding training - Ensuring quality of education

Ensure quality assurance work is always reviewed and improved, associate training with educational quality assurance, implement decentralization and decentralization in management and administration of training programs for all levels. Faculty/Department, build an effective internal quality assurance system.

4. About scientific research

Focus on improving the quality of scientific research according to international standards and levels. Providing science, technology and transfer services. The quantity and quality of scientific research and technological development products are increased each year. There are policies to encourage the promotion of scientific research and international publications.

5. Regarding foreign relations

Continue to maintain and develop existing domestic and international cooperative relationships. Promote the development of University - Institute cooperation to meet the requirements of training, scientific research and health care for the people.

Strengthen cooperation with universities, individuals and international organizations in training, scientific research and medical examination and treatment to increase resources and meet the needs of improving the quality of training and research. science and health care for the people, especially Japanese partners, partners from the European community, Australia and ASEAN, in parallel with other partners.

6. About connecting and serving the community

Continue to promote professional capacity, organize many consulting, examination, treatment and health care activities for the community, contributing to the effective implementation of community health care, and at the same time contributing to the implementation of public health care. well implement the University's mission, perform well in people's health care and improve the quality of the University 's training work.

Target until 2045

Completely develop an application-oriented health sciences university, a key university in the Central - Central Highlands region, ensuring full resource conditions, with a hospital that meets the resource training requirements. High-quality medical and pharmaceutical human resources for at least 08 training majors at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels (masters, doctorates, specialized and professional specialized). The organization well implements the University's mission, vision, core values and educational philosophy.