Functions and Duties


Human resource training centre for social demands has the function of organizing training activities or short-term courses of continuous training, updating medical knowledge, and transferring technology; fostering and improving information technology and foreign language skills for the staff, the students and the trainees at Danang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy (DUMTP) as well as other courses of training in the field of medicine according to social demands.


a) Identifying social demands, building plans and organizing short-term courses of continuous training, updating medical knowledge continuously for individuals and organizations according to the government’s regulations.

b) Organzing training courses of transfering technology, professional and expert techniques for individuals and organizations in needs.

c) Organizing courses of reviewing and improving computing and foreign language skills for individuals in needs according to the government’s current regulations.

d) Effectively managing and using resources according to the assigned functions and duties; building and implementing the Centre’s activities according to the government’s regulations and laws.

e) Developing plans and policies to connect and provide community services related to the assigned functions and duties.

f) Performing other duties as assigned by DUMTP.